Sunday, February 24, 2008

Works In Progress

I've started over on the skull. This time I am very happy with my paint choices and with how it's coming along. I'm really glad I washed it all off and started over. Working the dots is an almost meditative process if it's going well. Which it is so far.Patience, patience, patience. This is what I've been doing with the leg. I don't know what to say about it really. I have this picture in my mind. But for some reason what's in my head isn't coming out my hands. I started with the idea that the tree would be wrapped in copper wire and the flotsom and jetsom would hang from really thin copper wire.
But then for some reason I decided to wrap the tree in tattered chiffon strips. That looked pretty cool. But then I decided to hang some of the stuff with strips too. And I'm not sure what happened, but it's kind of taken on a life of it's own.
I decided to step away from it for awhile when it started to look sort of halloweeny.
The whole creative process is so interesting isn't it? I don't sketch. I draw in my head. And when I am happy with the picture I start to create. Sometimes I have a picture in my head for weeks before I am happy with it. I re-do it and re-work things until it comes out just right.Usually works pretty good. This time...I'll keep you posted!



Christie said...

I like this piece and can't wait until you've finished it just how you want it. Thanks for the nice comments, they inspire me.

akatrix said...

Mary, this is so interesting watching it all evolve! You must have the patience of Job!! Can't wait to see your dream come true...

Lori Roberts said...

Mary this is great and love how it is coming along. Looking forward to it's completion!

Maija said...

Forget about the pity party, girl! It's the curse of the artist, a curse that everyone has experienced.
I love the direction you took for the skull - very cool!