Monday, February 18, 2008

Tintypes and the Daytona 500

So the Daytona 500 was on yesterday. My husband loves racing, I really don't much care about it. So In between sitting and keeping him company during it, I went in and out of my studio and this is what I did. I had the tintypes for awhile and just yesterday decided what to do with them. I saw an article in Somerset Workshop 3 ( a must have) about using Gesso in different ways. So I turned a canvas over and painted the frame part with cranberry craft paint and a gesso dry brush. Then I stamped on it with a rubber stamp and gesso. If you do this, paint the gesso onto the stamp kind of lightly and wipe off between stampings.
Then I gesso drybrushed some papers and also gesso'd some lace. Attached them with heavy gel medium. Than I rooted thru my naturals stash and found some I like and gesso'd them too. My sister Kate collects the most amazing naturals for me, thanks Kate!!
Then I put a piece of foam board on the back of each tintype and mpunted it all together. Then i did a light, wipe on and off coffee wash to the stampings, just to knock down some of the white.
I really like using canvas this way. Sort of a shallow shadow box effect.



Ursula said...

It's really gorgious!!!

greetings Ursula

gulfsprite said...

I love it! More of the unexpected perfectness.

karishma said...

Your piece is beautiful and inspiring.

It was also the 3rd in a series of odd coincidences today - I posted more on my own blog.

Weird how our muses work sometimes, isn't it?


kelsey said...

This has turned out great Mary! Using canvases as shadow boxes has taken off in the scrapbook world too (where I work - not "do"! lol). They like the depth to it and it's easy to see there are all sorts of possibilities by having that little shelf down the bottom!

Wanda H said...

Very nice!!

Dawn said...

Oh my !!excellent tin type canvas...

Amy said...

That is so creative!