Friday, May 30, 2008

What I've been doing and what I'm gonna do

Boy, it's been a long time since I posted. I've been creating some, and trying to get some order in my studio. It may just be a losing battle. This is a shrine in the making. It has been developing in my head since I got the vintaged sewing figurines. They come from my buddy Rose in AZ. We met online and have been E'ing everyday since. We send goodie boxes back and forth and these figurines were in my last box. They are too cute so of course they have to be 'shrined'. But since they are so dimensional, I am doing a standing shrine instead of a house type. The vintage spools of thread came from Rose too.I am very excited about these. They are just too cute! Thanks again Rose!! Check out her work, she is amazing!
She also has a website in my links-Altered Rose.

I have been doing another textured piece too. It may be finished, I'm not sure.
I really like the way the nest turned out. But man what a pain making sure all the little spaces are painted!
I completed Dawns little thingie, but I can't show it to you 'cause it is in the mail on it's way to her and she should see it first. Dawn is another amazing artist-Gold Betty Boop- in my links.

I'm really very lucky to have met so many artists online.



Monday, May 19, 2008

The Jawbone Of A ???

Boy it seems like forever since I posted here. We finally got some good sunny days and I've been working outside. With all the rain we've had the weeds are crazy. I have quite the crop of Dandelions this year.

The poor farmers around here still have water laying in their fields. I'll bet they are checking the want ads for summer work, 'cause it doesn't look good for planting.

But I have been working in my studio too. I have a couple of pieces in the works, and I finished this. I don't know what kind of jaw this is for sure. I think it's a Deer. I'm almost positive it is.

Anyway, I drilled a hole(very carefully) in it for the hangar. And then just started painting.

I gave it a light base and used the metallic craft paints again. They seem to work best on skulls and bones.
I did the black parts because the bone was so rough it wouldn't take dot painting.

I gave it a sinew hanger and a turquoisebead, shell slice and Duck feather embellishment.
I'm liking the black parts and may have to play around with them some more.

I am working on another heavily backgrounded piece like 'Life Outside The Window'. And another shrine.

Oh and I am doing a little surprise for my online buddy Dawn (Gold Betty Boop). I saw an image that made me think of her and I had to do something with it.


Saturday, May 10, 2008

Ahead Of The Game

When I found this doll I almost didn't take her. She was so odd looking that I wasn't sure I would ever use her. But Then common sense prevailed and I brought her home. Never pass up supplies.

So when I took her apart, I kept her head on my worktable. That sounds sort of odd doesn't it? But the longer I looked at her, the more she reminded me of those lovely seniors who travel to Bingo games and play the Slots etc.
And so 'Ahead Of The Game' was born. I wanted to use all kinds of game pieces, but they are harder to get than you would think. Unless of course you buy new games. But I had some Bingo things and some dice and dominoes and cards and a Monopoly piece. So I think it gets the point across.

I gave her a lace collar because it seemed to fit her hairstyle and demeanor.

I'm going to put her in Etsy.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

My Most Favorite Collage Ever

I don't do a lot of collages usually. But I saw this face in a mag and I had to do this.
I used metallic paints for the background and just layered them over each other. I used colors that would compliment the butterflies. I was going to add some flowers and other things, but in the end I decided to K.I.S.S and just add some peacock feathers.
I just love the eyes, kind of magickal and almost little creepy and beautiful.
So there it is, my most favorite collage ever.

Winter Goddess Update

Someone asked me about this piece and how it was progressing. So here it is, but I'm not sure how it is. I still really really like the concept. But the Fox fur didn't sit like I thought it would. And I didn't line the pearls under her chin up exactly right. So the question is what to do with her. I don't like the way the fur sticks out from her head. And of course it is glued on. Maybe I will playwith hanging some crystal beads and white feathers from it to make it seem more full and close to the face. I don't know.
It's funny how you can have a picture in your head and be sure it will work and then when you try it...hmmm...
I'll keep you posted

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Another Vintage Sewing Shrine

I'm lucky to have a bunch of vintage sewing ads and stuff. So when I came across this box it seemed perfect for another sewing shrine. The box is a cheese box, I think from the 30's or early 40's. I whitewashed it with gesso on the inside. I decided to leave the outside as is because I thought it was so interesting.

The ads decorating the walls are from 1913 and 1914. They come from 'A Womans Sewing Companion'. The stuff is from my stash picked up here and there.

I put a little pearl necklace on the dressmakers dummy. She is standing on a pile of vintage spools of thread.
The beige round thing on the back wall is a crocheted button.

These are so much fun to make.


I'm so flattered

My buddy Inka (visit her in my links) nominated me for this award. This is the second for me and I am flattered that 2 wonderful artists thought enough of me to do this.
So here are my nominated friends for this round:
Linda -

So the way this goes is these are people who I feel contribute to the online community with their wit and art and generosity of spirit etc. So I E them and let them know they have been tagged and they do 5 of their friends and so on and so on.
I do hope you visit their blogs, they really are wonderful.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

A Shrine and a Pink Piece

I really like the Old West. So I did a shrine to Annie Oakley. I found a bunch of images from the Buffalo Bill Wild West show and used them on the sides and in the attic.

I shingled the roof with shingles from the doll house section at Hobby Lobby. I used vintage lace and dried naturals and Birch bark and a piece of Oak for embellishments.

I used rice paper instead of dictionary pages like I usually do to cover the walls. I gotta say i didn't like working with it. I think I will stick to dictionary pages.
I put this in my Etsy store.

I was paging thru mags for no particular reason and I started pulling ads. The face is black and white, so I put some color in with crayons. Nothing else worked.

I did the background with oil pastels and sealed it before collaging on it. The ribbon on the side is made from paper. I thought it fit well with the lace. Then I added the pearls because I seem to be on a pearl kick lately.

I love the way the flowers are almost a hat or almost her hair depending on how you look at it.

This was just plain fun to do.Sometimes you just gotta play.

I put this in my store too.