Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy accidents and window screen sculpting

I love happy accidents. They happen a lot when you're an artist. (I still get a kick out of aying I'm an artist!!) So where we used to live we had very old wooden framed windows and screens. We also had a black Lab who didn't like the neighbors. (with good reason) So one day I came home and found a doggy head impression in our window screen and EPIPHANY!! Happy accident. I went to the hardware store, bought a roll of window screen and started sculpting with it. Very fun!!

This is the first thing I did. I like the way the screendrapes almost like fabric. Here are my screen tips: Make sure you bend down the unfinished edges and bang them smooth with a rubber mallet. If you don't you will get nasty little metal slivers in your fingers.
Don't do this if you like your manicure, it will ruin it in a heartbeat.
You can paint on this stuff to give it depth and sew beads onto it.

We have very high winds here a lot. So they inspired a piece I am working on with screening. It will be a wall hanging titled'They Call The Wind Mariah'. Anybody but me remember that song?

The great thing about being a mixed media artist is you can use anything as your medium, and you can use it in anyway!



Dawn said...

Wonderfully unique, your creative brain is amazing (and yes I do remember "they call the wind maria"- I actually like the song lol)

Lin Lin said...

I remember that song Mary, my 8th grade class sang it in a play, beautiful song.This screen piece is incredible, the draping is what really makes it. The screen reminds me of growing up in the South and those constant slamming screen doors ;). LinLIn