Monday, February 4, 2008


I believe words have power. I use affirmations daily. My password, the way I end my E's and this post are all affirmations. I think of these figures as 'Affirmation Goddess's'. Altho you can't tell from this pic each one has an affirmation in alphabet letters in the beaded body.Back in the day I did a LOT of craft shows and these figures were always very popular. The first one I ever sold was a 'Warrior' (always purple). An older woman, mid 70's, held her and was looking at her so closely that I thought maybe she was having trouble making out the word. So I told her that in addition to the one she was holding I had peace, love, mother, sister, friend, dance etc.
She looked at me and said "But my dear I AM a warrior". And bought her.

I enjoy making these figures beacause even tho the face and hand charms and the general body shape are always the same, I never know where the wire will take me. So the details and the headdress are always different.



Melissa said...

These are great. Never seen nothing quite like these. I like the story they tell also.

Moonwillow said...

These are just amazing! So glad you are sharing your thoughts and work.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love these creations! I don't get to the blogs posted at Latest Trends enough. Need to make more time as I am missing great things! Yours are fantastic

gulfsprite said...

Mary these little affirmations are fabulous. I too feel an affinity to the "warrior" especially. -Christy