Friday, February 22, 2008

Pats request and a work in progress

So, Pat wanted to see details of the sewing shrine. So here you go Pat. Unfortunately my camera skills are as bad as my computer skills so these aren't the best.

This is a work in progress. It will be titled 'A Leg Up'. The base is crackled ( I love crackling) the leg is from a china baby doll. It's a big one, about 9 in. or so. I mounted it to the base with Liquid Nails. Then I stuffed the bottom 2/3 inside the leg with cotton batting. Then I sprayed Great Stuff in and stuck in the branch.Actaully this is the second branch, the first one was too heavy. It fell over and the leg came off the base, chaos reigned!!

Oh and I stuck the branch thru a birds nest from my yard. Then I gessoed here and there on the branch and the nest. Then I gel mediumed the nest to make it more stable. Then i took tattered strips of white chiffon and wound them around with 32g copper wire. Then I stuck moss under the birds nest. Then I started hanging things with the strips and the wire. Just little pieces of flotsam and jetsam that I seem to have all around. They don't show up because of the stuff all over the worktable. When I finish I will post a better pic. Then I thought well, as long as I am in this workroom I will show my branch. It hangs from the ceiling, wrapped in white twinkle lights and hung with fairies and dragons and witches. This is only half of it. I love it.



Ro Bruhn said...

Look forward to seeing 'a leg up' when its finished, what a fascinating process, I also love your branch with the lights and witches. Very cool.

Inka said...

I love your little shrines, especially the fairy one but you know me and fairies …lol. I think your branch idea is a fabulous idea too! I might just have to borrow that one. I was looking for a way to display all my little soldered ornaments and this would just be perfect … now to find the perfect branch …lol

Maija said...

That branch rocks!

Joy Logan said...

I love things hanging overhead too kewl!