Saturday, February 2, 2008


I love working with womens faces. These are some pieces I did for a local art show. The oval one is titled 'Mathair', celtic for mother. I textured the background with modeling paste. The face is done up with feathers I collected. The eyebrow is the green down from a ducks neck. I put each teeny tiny green feather on one by one. The furry bit is some fabric I found at Hobby Lobby. I used teddy bear eyeballs mounted in paper clay. I mounted an extra piece covered in rabbit fur and feather to the back of the canvas.

This piece is titled'Flight'. Again I textured the background and used metallic craft paint. The feathers were mounted one by one. It is a little tricky working in feathers. You want to break the spines before you mount them. And you can only do a few at a time because you want to weigh them down to dry. I didn't win with either piece. I don't think they get me around here. But everyone had to pet the feathers on 'Flight'.
Oh yeah, I should tell you that the faces are styrofoam that I gessoed and painted.
So there's the art for the day.


gulfsprite said...

These are beautiful and I can understand the desire to touch the flight piece. You have amazing amounts of patience and it shows in the depth and beauty of your work.

rosebudinnh said...

ohhh my, the black and the feathers, I just loveeee it.This is wonderful!!!!!!!!!!! Rose

Eileen said...

Mary, these are wonderful. I can't imagine applying each feather by hand. And the faces are beautiful.