Saturday, February 9, 2008

Favorite art/craft books

I've been down with the flu so I haven't been feeling too creative. So I thought I would share some of my favorite arting books with you.

I have to start with my friend Michael deMeng's book 'Secrets of Rusty Things.' This is an inspirational colorful look at Michaels way of creating. Well written and with a lot of pics and tips. My number one favorite.

Another art buddy is Suzanne Simanaitis. Her book 'Kaleidoscope' is pure eye candy. Lots of info and ideas and tips, this book makes you itchy to start creating.

'Metal Craft Discovery Workshop' by Linda and Opie O'Brien is chock full of info and techniques for working with different metals and ideas for creating patinas.

'The Altered Object' by Terry Taylor is a wonderful look at the different ways artists alter everyday objects. Beautifully done.

'Crafting Personal Shrines' by Carol Owen is a must for anyone wanting to try their hand at shrines. Templates and tips are all easily understood and hugely helpful. And the pics of finished shrines are gorgeous.

'Pretty Little Things' by Sally Jean Alexander is another eyecandy wonder. Makes you want to solder. Absolutely fab things.

And of course there's ANYTHING from Somerset. The magazine, workshop, gallery and press are all must haves. And speaking of mags Cloth, Paper, Scissore is also a must.

Since I live out in the boonies and the nearset bookshop is 45 mins. away and the size of a closet, I buy a lot of my books online. The best site I've found for new and used books and music and movies is Alibris. I get my books used for a fraction of the cost. I have been dealing with them for years and they are the best.


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