Saturday, May 16, 2009

Dancing Goddess And A New Mask

This is a new Goddess I just finished. Her word is Dance. I wanted to play with trying to make her look like she is moving. She is a little misshapen and her boob is where her waist should be, but all in all I am pleased with her. This is 'Warrior' a new mask I did for a show. I have to say I like her best of all the faces I have done. Her background color is copper, it just doesn't show up so well in these pics.
There is an art show at the Center where I had my gallery show last Dec. You can enter 3 pieces. They have to be made within the last 6 months and never shown at the Center before. I entered 'Imaginary Friends', 'A Good Hair Day aka Hannah' and this piece. There is judging and awards so fingers crossed.

This is a closeup of the top of her head. She is wearing a Fox head headress embellished with Wild Turkey feathers and Pheasant feathers and with curly dried vines.

This is a scrap of leather I had, I scraped the back of it with a knife and cut into the edges and then slightly burned them with a wood burner. More feathers and some bones finish her outfit.
Like always her eyes are doll/teddy bear eyes mounted in paper clay and glued into the back of the mask.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Winner Is...

First my apologies for posting the winner so late. We have been in the middle of a family drama/trauma and it is causing all kinds of headaches including a migraine for me.

But the winner is Kathy from Pieces Of Me in my links list. Please E me your addy Kathy and I will send your Goddess to you.

I did my first cut and paste collage. I love collage and am a huge fan of Kathy from Pieces of Me and Peggy from Peggy's Mixed Up Art. They are both in my links list. I am lucky to own a piece from Peggy and it is beautiful.

So I wanted to try my hand at cut and paste. The idea is that the little girl is holding back a sunflower that has gotten too much Miracle Gro.
What was most fun to do, was the piecing together of 5 different garden pics to make one.
And I finished my rooster. I am happy it looks like a rooster. Since this is the first picture I have ever painted, and I didn't sketch it out first, I wasn't sure what it would turn out to be. I just did a rough pencil shape and started painting. The feet are kind of wonky, but feet usually are LOL!!