Thursday, February 28, 2008

Collaging Out Of A Funk

I have been in a bit of a funk. Having a pity party because I didn't get juried into a group I applied to. Couldn't seem to get past it. Doubting my abilities etc... But the thing about pity parties is that no-one else comes to them and after awhile you get sick of your own whiny self. So I decided to do something simple and basic instead of worrying about if I am really an artist or not.
This piece is all balck and white except for the woman. I did a light watercolor to her clothes. I wanted to honor the illustrations, not alter them because I think they are so cool.I printed up the top text and chalked the paper lightly to give it the aged look of the text on the bottom. The top says Turn Heads In Your and the bottom says Needlecraft Smart Frocks and the little piece is the year from the mag which is 1913. I trimmed the front with thin rick-rack. This is an image that just makes me think BFF. I am thinking of adding text that says' Friends Like You Never Go Out Of Fashion'. We'll see. It's a little piece 4x6 so it maybe would look too crowded. What do you think?
I got my hands on some great Needlecraft magazines from 1913-1916. I have 3 that I would be willing to trade for stuff if anyone is interested. They are full of wonderful old images and the ads are screaming out to be used in something fabulous.
Leave a comment if you want to do a trade.

I took everything off of the leg piece and started over. I wrapped the branch in 20g copper wire. Then I started rehangeing the flotsom and jetsom with fishing line and a couple of wooden beads and turqoise bits. I am liking it much much better. Pics will follow when I complete it.



Christie said...

I really like your piece. It would also be cool as a greeting card with the other saying inside. Keep up what you are doing, I love it!

Ra said...

Mar, don't doubt. You are an artist!

Joy Logan said...

OH that happened to me awhile back Mary,I was furious!!! It was a group of people I had been in groups with for a long long time. I was told they are the jealous type,so don't hurt even though I know you did.