Friday, January 11, 2008

the women in my life

I was going to talk today about the piece I started yesterday, but then I read my E's and one I got from my sister started me thinking about how lucky I am to have so many amazing women in my life. So this will be about them.
My daughter Beth, who is a constant joy to me. She has a wicked don't see it coming sense of humor. And an eye for color and composition I value very much.
My sisters Kate, Anne Marie and Bridget who are unconditionally supportive of me as I try to find out who I am thru my work. They inspire me daily.
My bff Cathy who I met when she had a booth at the Ren Faire doing stained glass. She has since become an amazing bead and jewelry designer . I am always in awe of what she can do. Check out her site
My online bff Rose who I mentioned before. I couldn't do without E'ng her daily. She is also an amazing artist.
My new friend Sari who I feel like I've known forever. A great sense of humor and beautiful inside and out.
An old friend who I've just recently reconnected with, Renetta aka Ra. We went to school together, dyed our hair for the first time together, did everything together. I'm glad we're back in touch.
All the wonderfull inspirational artists I meet online. Whenever I am feeling blocked I just surf around their sites and their work and thoughts get me going again.
So Thank you all for being part of my life.

Todays pic is titled 'Remember Me'. The background is window screen I painted. The glove and lace are from the late 40's. The book cover is tooled leather and says Forget Me Not. It is from the early 40's. I really like how this came out. In fact it is the only piece I have hanging in our living space. Everything else is in my studio.


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