Monday, January 28, 2008

Books and the people who write them

I love books. I would rather read than almost anything in the world. If I were going to be stranded on an island I would take my books. I reread and rereread my favorites. I think it is like visiting with old friends.

I am in awe of the people who write books. I bet it must be a thrill to invent whole worlds to share with others.

So here are 2 books written by people I know. The first is 'The Journey' by Renetta Dudzinski. It is Christian fiction. Sort of little house on the prarie-ish. A good read that made me thankful to be living in this time. Life was just too hard back in the good ol' days for me!

Then there is 'American Romance' by Skitz M. Jones Esq. This a collection of free form poems and thoughts that covers all parts of relationships and romance. I love this book. The author is funny, thoughtful,baffled and all the emotions we all are when it comes to love and life. And I am amazed that these things come from such a young (25) man. Skitz is also a medic in the Illinois National Guard.

So happy monday!

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