Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Vintage Sewing Shrine

Yay, it's done. Well, I still have to attach the hangers because it is a wall shrine. But other than that I am done. This was a fun thing to do. It shows how you can use things that other people would toss. The wooden silverware tray was really rough and beat up. But I am happy with how it looks whitewashed.

The ads on the back walls are vintage. So are a lot of the bits and bobs. The dress forms were made by my niece Rachel for another piece that never came to life.

So now I am working on an altered book. Usually I just alter them as they are. But this time I am trying the block pages technique. So far I like it.

It's still cold and windy here. And gray. But that's Illinois in the winter.



gulfsprite said...

This is fantastic. I've never done a shrine before and this is very inspirational! Love the subject matter too as my mom was a seamstress for many many years in a factory.
--Christy (gulfsprite)

Rose said...

I love the skull, the sewing shrine ROCKS! The blog is great, keep it up and keep giving tips.

Say, what are the movies like? I have not been in years either! LOL