Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Reality is merely an illusion

What a great quote!! And Einstein had such a great face that i had to do something with it. So I got an old frame and gave it the deMeng paint treatment. Then I rooted around in the garage and found some scrap wood for the background. I busted and cut it up to fit. Then I mounted Einstein on foamboard. And made a cage for him from small nails and rusty wire. I used rub-on letters for his quote. Then I stuck dyed used dryer sheets on for ...well...'cause I like them.

Today the plan is to finish the last collage piece for the exchange. It is going to be an interactive piece based on the Beatles. I got some images and an old Beatles 45 and they will be mounted. Then around the record I am going to put phrases from the Beatles number 1 hits in chronological order. Then on the back I have a blank list that you fill out with the song titles. Then if you get stuck in a sealed envelope on the back I will have the answers.

That's the plan anyway. And I want to play a little with button fairies.


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