Saturday, March 22, 2008

Tattered Fairies

These are my Tattered Fairy dolls. I use 14 inch bendi-type bodies that I paint with craft paint. Then I add seed beads for the eyes. They don't have noses or mouths because I can't draw. I call them tattered because their clothes are shredded and distressed. This is because I like the effect and I don't like to sew.
I make really big pom-poms for the hair out of whatever kind of yarn strikes my fancy. The wings are made from those sheets of copper mesh you get at Hobby Lobby the most fun place on earth. They are trimmed with glitter glue.
They will have ankle bracelets and tags giving their name. The green one is 'Earrach' which is Celtic for Springtime. The pink is 'Athas' which is Celtic for Joy.

Happy Easter to all



Dawn said...

Great tattered fairies, I like the tattered look it really suits them and the names are really cool

Christy said...

These little tattered fairies are so adorable. I think these are exactly what you would find in a forest, almost part elementals.

morningDove said...

I like the fairies and what makes them even more fun is the tattering. wish I had a hobby lobby near by.

Noel said...

Mary love your tattered faries. Great names too! I agree with Christy.....they do look like they come from an enchanted forest!