Friday, March 14, 2008

Shoes Shoes Glorious Shoes

The first pair of shoes that I coveted, that made my little heart go pitty pat were black leather low boot types. They came just below the ankle and had a folded flap around the top. They zipped up the back and had a low heel. I was in high school and wanted these shoes more than I ever wanted anything. I served a lot of burgers to get those shoes.

Then when I was older I was head waitress in a Disco and also did exhibition dancing and some teaching. So I spent the better part of my time in heels.

Now I go for comfort. But I still love shoes. I have a favorite pair of purple velvet MaryJanes. And during the summer I love sparkly flip flops. And my pink Converse knock-offs. I don't even own a pair of heels anymore. Unless you count the lowheeled cowboy boots I use to walk around our property.

So here is my shrine to shoes. It was going to have a lot of quotes on it. And the wonderful Ladies in Artists Circle came up with a bunch of good ones they shared. But as I built this it seemed to need simplicity to show off the shoe and the pearls and the beads, So the quotes are in a file waiting for another project.

I painted a Milkweed pod and filled it with pearls. A fun look I thought. And dribbled glue here and there and scattered tiny beads. A simple shrine, but I wanted the shoe and the Milkweed to be the focal point.
What's your favorite shoe?



Eastjewels said...

Mary...I would walk a mile in your shoes any day...they are so beautiful...Linda (Okla)

Anonymous said...

Really lovely. The pearl pod is charming. How big is it? Judging by the pearls and glitter, the shoes isn't full sized. luvjean

Christie said...

Love that, shoes deserve a shrine. My favorites are usually red.

Dawn said...

Fantastic!!! I love shoes (did you see my gorgeous ones on my blog)
I remember when I was at school all my mates had platforms and I had boring school shoes. Then my mum gave me money one day to buy some shoes on my own (14 at time) I bought the biggest platforms I could find. Went home, my mum said can you run in those? she chased me down the street lol, and let me keep them cos she said I had proved I could run if I was ever in danger.....I have lots of shoe stories cos I love them xxxx

gulfsprite said...

I have never seen a more beautiful pod in my life. Your shrine is 'simply' beautiful in a very 'classic' style. I love it!
And to Dawn in the comment above: LOL I can just picture a mom chasing her daughter down the street. I really wish I'd have thought of that one.

Erzsabet said...

I too, love shoes, especially the one in your work, and those beautiful 'work of art' shoes I sometimes see, which cost a small fortune and are probably VERY uncomfortable to wear for more than 10 seconds. I no longer have any high heeled shoes because as I get older I find I need comfort more and more!!

Jillian said...

I love your shoe shrine, Mary! The shoe and the milkweed pod work great together. I'm not much of a shoe gal--sneakers or crocs and I'm happy.