Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Blue Jay

This was a really fun piece to do. It just kind of created itself. I found these feathers last summer. They were just sitting in their box marked Blue Jay feathers. And I was poking around in my stuff and I saw that I had some blue teddy bear eyes. And the next thing I knew this was happening.

The canvas is a small one. Just 6x6. I painted the background with metallic craft paint. Then I took some of that really big sort of metal ribbon that they sell by the spool at Xmas time. I guess you could use it to make really big bows for a wreath or something. I had a spool 'cause...well I don't know why I have it. Anyway I painted one side of it black metallic and pressed it paint side down on the canvas.

I mounted the eye in paper clay. Then I painted it. Then I ran a bead of glue around it and added some seed beads. Then I added feathers and more beads and so on.

So this is my homage to the Blue Jay who so generously donated his feathers to me. Even tho I'll bet he didn't do it willingly!



Christie said...

I love that!

Dawn said...

I love this, it actually looks like a magical fish swimming in the ocean - fabulous!!!

akatrix said...

Mary, you're so creative I can't stand it! I wish I lived next door to you!

wahm922 said...

Mary this is a great piece, how very creative and inspiring!

Dragonlady said...

Mary, I love this, the colors are great...
Brenda S.
(altered_stART member)