Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Basket Weaving

Since the weather has been making my mood so crappy lately, I thought I'd do a little basket weaving. Supposed to be soothing right? I saw all these colored wires at Hobby Lobby and they made me think of peacock feathers and well, one thing led to another and there you go.

I stripped some 12g solid copper wire for the base. Then I soldered it and wirewrapped over the solder. I did this for stability and because quite frankly my soldering sucks. I've tried to do it. I know how to do it. I like to do it. But it just isn't one of my best things. Then I spread the wires out in the form I wanted.

Then I took 20g purple, blue, green and burgundy wire and just wove. And ya know what? It is soothing.

Then I curled the 12 g tops down and wove peacock feathers thru. It is surprisingly stable. And it feels good to hold. I think maybe I should have used a colored background. But you get the idea.



Jillian said...

The basket is stunning. I love the Peacock feathers and the colors are just wonderful. Beautiful work!

gulfsprite said...

This is quite nice Mary! I don't even own a soldering iron... and that is probably a good thing :) since I couldn't do it justice as you have done with your pretty basket.

Dawn said...

Amazing Mary, the wire goes so well with the peacock feathers it is a really vibrant basket - YOU ROCK GIRL!!!!!

Christie said...

So pretty. And quite brave of you too, any hot craft tool usually spells disaster for me. Hence my love hate relationship with the glue gun.

Anonymous said...

Mary - This is amazing! It makes me want to try!!! - Nicki

Anonymous said...

Loved this...love anything and everything to do with birds.

Kim said...

How beautiful is THAT! A stunning piece, and psychologically enhancing too... can't get better than that!

akatrix said...

Mary, you never cease to amaze me! Is there anything you can't do?