Saturday, March 29, 2008


I am so excited about this piece I can barely stand it! This may just be one of my favorite pieces ever.
So, I left off in the post before this one with the first layer of paint going on. Then the next step is turning the piece in all directions to put little dabs on where I missed spots in the nooks and crannies. This really took a lot of time. Seems like every time I thought I was done there was another little white spot shining at me.

Then I mucked around awhile with paint colors, and ended mixing a red and an orange to get the next layer. I applied it sparingly with a sea sponge and went over it with a dry brush to blend.
Then I used a stencil brush to add a little green to the leaves and again hit it with a dry brush.
Then I gilded the edges of the leaves with copper and the bark with antique gold and the mushrooms and fungus with a combinationof the two.

I may mount it on a board, kind of like a mat, and do the mat in black maybe? Or maybe mount it on some barn wood. I need to live with it awhile before I decide.
And I guess I should title it, but I am not coming up with anything at the moment. Anybody got suggestions for a title and about the mounting?



Rose said...

This is completely AWESOME!!!! I cant stop looking at it!!!!
You RAWK Mary!

Jillian said...

WOW!! That is so cool! I love seeing the photos of how this piece morphed into being. Love the colors and the texture and everything. Thanks for the link to that blog too--I definitely am going to go check that out.

dEaNa said...

I think you should mount it on barnwood like you were thinking. A rustic look to it. This is great, it almost looks like raw clay.


Lola Enchanted said...

Hello~ I wanted to stop by and pay you a visit and to thank you for leaving such a positive comment for me on my blog! The world should be filled with people like you! I'm starting to feel better! I agree.. sometimes my blog/online friends can help more than family!
Take care new friend!! I'll be back to visit you!!!

karishma said...

This is beautiful. Your composition of the various pieces was very well done.

It evokes thoughts of "Rapunzel" to me, for some reason.

Christy said...

Mary this is really fantastic. I would say the barn wood if it is really distressed. Or the black if not. Both ideas would work well I think. The bits of gold and green really give the leaves life. But I have to tell you... that little yellow eye just makes this piece. Love it!

akatrix said...

Mary, you have plenty to be excited about! You have such a creative soul! It's fantastic. When is your Etsy grand opening?? : )

Val Foster said...

BRAVO, BRAVO, BRAVO!!! You did it Mary. This piece is so AWESOME. I just absolutely love it. It will look so gorgeous hanging in your home. And be a constant source of inspiration to you, don't you think?

My vote goes to the distressed barnwood, as Christy said. As for a name or title, what comes to my mind is House of Leaves. After that, Nature Unplugged. Although I must admit I'm not good at naming my own art pieces or coming up with good titles for them. It's something I need to work on.

When you hang this in your home, what room will you hang it in? I'm sure you'll get all kinds of compliments on it. This piece belongs in a high class gallery for sure. Mega kudos to you!!!

Oh, and regarding painting all those nooks and crannies, now you know what I meant when I said this kind of piece takes a long time to paint. I found mine tedious to paint, but the end result made it worth it. The same is true in your case.

morningDove said...

"Life Outside The Window" or Beyond the Window Glare" are titles that come to my mind. It is an amazingly, gorgeous piece. How on earth did you do all that?
Everything was real, right? Maybe another title "Everything Was Alive". Your piece evokes so many thoughts in my head. I love it too.

morningDove said...

ok I read further back in your blog and see you placed an eye in there. Maybe the title should be
"I C U". pun intended bc this is definitely a healing piece of art.
You don't need an intensive care unit when you are looking at this piece bc it offers up so much solitude and peace.

Dawn said...

I think this could be entitled "Derelict Barn" it is awesome, love all the layers, textures, colors -THANKS for sharing it Mary, great job.
It is going to look awesome hanging on a wall...

Anonymous said...

I have to tell you I was literally captured in this.......could not stop looking at it.... while I never liked the gnomes that were popular several years back (Tom Clark?) I liked the found items they used......this reminded me of that....... and that trees are alive and nature is watching us.

I hope you enter this in a contest somewhere........and if you ever tire of it, send it my way! lol

Again, wonderful job, you should be feeling like the universe just shouted, "YES!"

The Paris Salon said...

What a great piece! I love the leaves and the window. Your work is always original and fabulous, but this particular effort is among your BEST.

Heather P said...

That is really wonderful! What a fascinating piece!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful piece, Mary! The leaves look like they are carved. And I love the colors. I love it all!

Ro Bruhn said...

Fabulous piece Mary, great to see it's progress.

Inka said...

Wow! I am sooo impressed with this! unbelievable texture over all a great effect! just love it!