Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Heart Songs

I was inspired to make these by the article in May/June Somerset Studio.
The artist is Sarah Whitmire. There was just something about them that I had to re-create.
I used the museum canvases, which I love. I have found that Sax Art Supplies carries them for a decent price. Call them and get a catalog, it's full of great stuff.

I had a bunch of trims and old lace scraps, and I used them to trim out the bottoms. I used mechanics wire for the false hangers.

I cut scallops from sheet music for the sides.

I tried the crackling paints and didn't find them to be any better than using the medium. You will save a step, but the crackle isn't as noticable.


Mar said...

beautiful pieces...inspirations comes from lots of places!
Sarah inspires a lot of wonderful art from many..

Val Foster said...

These are very lovely. What a great idea. Unfortunately I don't get that magazine. I especially love the lace, fibers, and beads you used on the bottoms. Very well done. I'm inspired.