Friday, September 11, 2009

No pics today

Today is for remembering.
I know I will never forget the feeling of horror and outrage.
That someone, some people would dare do this to us.
It couldn't be true.
But of course it was.
And now our boys and girls are still over there.
Even after all this time.
I am proud of my son and my nephew and all the soldiers.
But it saddens me and sickens me and I am always frightened for them.



Mar said...

this was the beginning of many hard days...
harder for so many!
we can keep praying and hoping that peace will come from all the devoted young soldiers working to protect our freedom...
i additionally add my thoughts for their families that stay turmoiled with worry for their children siblings and relatives
so much to worry about these days

kelsey said...

I still remember the shock when I turned on the tv and saw what was happening half a world away....though it seemed so much closer. Still brings tears to my eyes when I see the images as they are showing the memorial programs on the anniversary of 9/11. My thoughts are also with those still involved in any way, either over there or the family/friends back home.