Saturday, September 5, 2009

Me in Inches

So I saw this done in Cloth Paper Scissors and it intrigued me. So I figured I'd give it a shot. The idea is to cut images in inchies and mount them on a canvas. So first I graphed out the canvas and found out that I would need 99 inchies!!

Then I decided that my inchies would be things that represent me or that make me happy. So I made an inchie stencil out of a piece of plastic and started looking for pics. It is a lot harder than you would think to find things that are able to be identified when cut into an inchie.
It probably took a couple of weeks of searching images in mags and catalogs etc. And I used some words from an old dictionary. But finally I got 99 and there they are all mounted with matte gel medium.

Next you're supposed to start painting in between them with a paint marker, but I don't have one so I am using a brush and some Topaz metallic craft paint.
I'll keep you posted about the next steps.


di from di-did-it said...

oh, this is cool!

Mar said...

what an awesome piece
99 pieces!!!
it would take me longer than a month!!!
this will be stunning when you are completed

kelsey said...

You're right, you don't realise how small an inch square is until you have to put something ON it!!! lol

We've run inchie classes at Scraptivate where I work/teach and one of the students did hers on a 4foot x 2foot canvas....she needed more than 450 of them!!! But it did look spectacular!

Val Foster said...

This is a very cool idea, and I love the inchies you picked. It is such a small format to work with, but put together like this it makes a statement.

I made some impressed caulk inchies over a year ago, and keep forgetting about them. I should pull them out and use them in some art.

I'm so glad you're back to making art and posting on your blog. I missed you. Also, thanks for your last comment on my blog. I appreciate it.

Genie said...

Lovely work Mary.
and thankyou for your lovely comment on my blog.
Have a great week

Monick said...

what ever happened to the finished Inchies project. would love to see the end product.