Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Trauma, drama, illness and an artistic kick in the teeth

I have been away from Bloglandia for a VERY long time. What a lot of stuff has been going on. But thankfully it is mostly over and life can get back to normal.

First there was family trauma, which will happen from time to time, especially when the family is large like mine. And there is always drama to accompany the trauma.

Then I got to lose over a month to an illness which while it could have been fatal, wasn't.

Before all this stuff happened, I got a real artistic kick in the teeth. I had mentioned the show I was going to be in. I entered this piece 'Imaginary Friends'And this piece 'Warrior'

And this piece 'A Really Good Hair Day'
So I'm pretty happy with my work, I thought I had some very unusual and creative things. Then they had the judging and I got beat out by this! A knock-off of a lawn ornament that the guy who made it told me he threw together just to prove he could do whimsy. I don't expect to win every thing I enter. I know full well that there are many many artists out there who are better than me. I also know that it isn't always who's better, sometimes it's all about the judges taste. This judge was a man and I don't know what to say about his taste. The welds were sloppy and the painting was spotty. I was really confused.

Then I enter a jury show for the first time. I am again feeling pretty good about my work. I entered the big black beaded wing, the bone and jewel dragon sculpture and Miss Noteworthy. I feel these are some of the best work I have ever done. I didn't enter looking towards winning, because this is a big show with entries from all over the states. But I truly thought I would at least get in.
I got the form letter saying thank you but no.
So I guess I have been creatively pouting in the midst of all the trauma drama and illness.
But I'm over it now. So screw 'em if they don't like my work. I do.


di from di-did-it said...

You're right ~ it's about what the judges like that particular day. Keep making your own art ~ a lot of us like it and the more you make and share, the more people who will be exposed to it & like it too!

PS ~ GOOD to have you back! Glad the illness didn't beat ya!

sharondp said...

I think your work is great.
It inspires me.
Screw the judges. You can't please everyone.
Glad you're back.

Mar said...

don't let "shows" determine the caliper of your work...

don't let the crowd determine what kind of work you might lean to

be you and you will be good and you will be happy being good at what you do...


glad to see you back in blogland girl

missed ya

Funky Time Art said...

Glad your back and on the mend. Love your work and wouldn't think twice about these shows and judges. Your work is beautiful and truly unique. Keep it up and please continue to share with us here in blogger land.

Sherry Goodloe said...

Yep . . . it's all in who is judging that day! I'm just glad you're back amongst the living bloggers *hee hee*. And like so many of the others, I like your work. Hey, I'm a follower aren't I? *smiles*

Genie said...

Hi Mary and welcome back. Hope your feeling better now?
We all love your work And Judges dont always know everything!!

House of Hullabaloo said...

Rejection sucks!

Mark Coonan said...

What kind of fools presume to judge a greengoddess's work?

Don't change, don't cater--just continue to create. TC

Val Foster said...

Hi Mary. So very glad you're back sweetie. I was getting worried about you. I can relate, at least somewhat, to your feelings about the show. I submitted a work last weekend to a gallery for an open show. The juror chose not to select it. It's the first time I've ever done that, and it sucks to get rejected. It hurt more than I considered it might.

I'll probably be posting that piece on my blog soon, and admitting that it didn't make the cut. Kind of a hard thing to know, wounded pride and all. Right now, my ego is keeping a rather low profile.
But tomorrow is another day, with much more art to make, right???

Pat said...

Hi Mary! First chance to look at your blog for a long time. I've had some family drama myself....and some medical issues. (glad you survived yours!)

Glad to see that rejection didn't put you out of commission! I had some things I took to a store for consignment and she basically blew me off. Yup, it hurts our egos but we bounce back. We just do what we love and if they don't, it's their weirdness... not ours! I'm
getting ready to post some new stuff to my blog ....wait a few days if you want to look. : )
xoxoxoxo Pat

Kathy Carvellas said...

I've only been putting my work "out there" for about a year and a half. And I've definitely learned two things.....1)beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. It's all so subjective to such a large degree. And...2)I agree with you, the only thing that truly matters, (otherwise I will drive myself crazy trying to please others)is that I am satisfied with my work. Keep on truckin'!!!