Monday, February 2, 2009

A Tutorial and Award

This is the piece that Val did the background for and I did the tree and Fairy. I am so flattered that so many of you like it and want to know how I did it. So here is how...
I got a sheet of waxed paper and some brown tissue paper. I scrunched the tissue and ripped and stretched and shaped until I had a basic tree. then I smeared Gel Medium on it with my fingers and just shaped it till it made me happy. I let it dry overnight on the waxed paper. Then I GENTLY peeled it off and glued it to the background. I touched it here and there with a metallic paint, just to give it more depth.

The Fairy is a copy I touched lightly with some chalks. I didn't want too much color because I didn't want to distract from the beautiful background. I glued some Cicada wings on her and glittered them. I have a small box of them I pulled off dead Cicadas. I save everything!! I cut a couple of small squares of foam board and glued them to her back and then glued her so she's sitting on the branch. Oh, I mounted her on cardstock before I cut her out. That's all there is to it.

This is an award Val gave me and I pass to some wonderful women. Their Blogs are in my Links list.
Dawn who is always so sweet-Gold Betty Boop
Pat who is always so encouraging-Artrix
Kelsey who is sooo inspiring-KO..OK
Christie who amazes me with her blog content-Serenity Now
Inka who is so generous with her Blog Candy-Inkaland
Thank you ladies for being you.
And thank you Val-Altered Heart Journey- for thinking of me.


Christie said...

Thanks Mary! I am so flattered! Coming from you it's a huge compliment I consider myself your number one fan, your work amazes me.

akatrix said...

Mary, Mary! Thank you ever so much for thinking of me. You are such a sweetie pie and I am forever in awe of your work!

Dawn said...

Mary THANK YOU so much... I love my award [grinning from ear to ear}

Loved your collaboration with Val - we are doing a swap some time this year, can't wait!

In fabulous company to get this award from you xxx000xxx

Big hugz xxx

One Creative Queen said...

Beautiful! You and Val did such a great job - this is absolutely beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing your technique - I never would have thought of that. Awesome!


Genie said...

Love the tree and fairy
thanks for the tuturial will rember that when i need a tree

Inka said...

Hi Mary! I am truly honored to be chosen by someone as talented as you are. It did take me a while to get to it but I finally did. They say better late than never :)) If this award had not come from you. You would have been on my list!

Linda said...

Mary, thanks for the tutorial on the tree. I love it. Do you ever visit Fanciful Twist? If you click on her albums look at her dresses on dancers. You will love that. I've ordered prints from her before.

Max said...

Hi, Your Fairy on the Tree is one of my favorites. What a great imagination you have! I'm just itching to get started with more mixed media. You give me great inspiration. Thank you for such wonderful eye candy.

Kris Dickinson said...

Amazing piece! WOW!