Saturday, February 21, 2009

Spring Is Coming

For the past week we have had about 600 Robins in our yard. They are making so much noise you can't hear yourself think out there. It's wonderful because it means spring is coming.
This is a heated dish we use for the dogs water. Note the Robin poop all over the ground. We added another dish for them because they were fighting over the dogs dish. There are so many in the yard it looks like the ground is moving.
I took these pics thru the screen because I didn't want to scare them.
Today when we woke up we found 2 inches of snow. But I still think spring is coming.


Genie said...

Wow, what a lot of Robins, we usually only get a couple in England, because they fight for territory,

Elizabeth Golden said...

We have had huge flocks of Robins here since last Thursday. They are gobbling up all the holly berries, I think they are ready to migrate. Hopefully spring is around the corner

Michelle.Renee.Art said...

Hi Mary!! Thanks for visiting my blog and your nice compliment. :)

I really like these pictures through the screen. I take most of my picture through a magnifying glass to get a dreamy affect. I think I might try a sceen sometime.

You are amazing by the way! :)

Funky Time Art said...

Mary, I do hope spring comes your way soon. I can remember when we first moved to Chicago that is was snowing on Easter and I thought ,"oh no what have I gotten myself into!"
We only lasted 3 years there. I will send warm wishes from Georgia!

Cyndi - Dreams Unltd said...

Hey, Mary! You won the lottery over on Altered_stArt - check in there so you can choose the next theme! *LOL*

Dawn said...

OMG I cannot conceive of so many robins in one place... that is amazing as robins are territorial...
What a sight for you to see, Thanks for sharing the pics xxx