Monday, January 26, 2009

Swapping with Val

Val Foster (the texture Queen) and I did a private swap. This is my piece and I just LOVE it!
We did a background 8x10 in size. Then we sent it to the other and added on and sent it back.

I want to explore color more this year. So I blobbed and blew color around on my canvas and then stenciled FREEDOM around the edge. Then I sent it off and started to worry. Was it too simple, or too odd? But I should have known the Fabulous Val would do something fun and unusual with it.
There's fabric and glitter and a tiny lizard and all sorts of fun.

I had a ball doing this with Val. I think I really like one on one swaps better than the ones where you have to a lot of pieces.
I hope someone else will want to swap with me.
YAY, I own a Val Foster work of art!!!


Val Foster said...

Hi Mary. Hmmm, I think I've seen this before. Oh yeah, I have. We both worked on it.

Thanks for your kind comments about me. This collaborative effort was just SO much fun, and quite a success. I think I prefer personal swaps too, and the collaboration part is so exciting and serendipitous.

I hope to get my piece posted on my blog soon, but first I need to take a photo. Thanks for agreeing to the swap, it was well worth it.

Val Foster said...

Hi again friend. I've just given you a blog award on my blog. You deserve it.

Linda East said...

This is awesome Mary...I know how much Val will love it...she and I did a swap a few months ago and we love having each others work to look at is so inspirational.

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Linda (Icy Okla)

Faye said...

Gorgeous colors, Mary.

akatrix said...

You and Val always encourage me to keep trying. I love this piece....both of you contributed your very best! Mary, I think your work is definitely outside the box and always amazing. The collaboration idea is really interesting.....whenever I get up the courage, I'll let you know. :)

Nathalie Thompson said...

Well, you have me sold on the collaboration idea! And I might just take you up on the offer of doing one with you. Let me check my calendar. :)

Inka said...

Well this piece is wonderful too! I was just over at Val’s blog and I was blown away by that tree you did on her piece! I do hope you do a tutorial for that. Gosh I wish you were close enough to hold a class here. I would be first in line :)

Iowa Sunshine said...

What an awesome work of art. Looks like it could be in a museum! I just don't have the courage to do the 1 on 1 yet. I'd sure love to though. Thanks for sharing. HUGS