Saturday, February 14, 2009

A winner, some charms and a wall

Here are some charms I made for the swap in Cloth Paper Scissors. They couldn't be any bigger than an inch and a half. So I thought what better when dealing with measurements than a measuring stick? I enjoyed doing these 'cause I only had to do 5! I spent a lot of time this past week making my inspiration wall. I keep my old calendars. So I cut them apart and used pics from other places and collaged my wall.

I LOVE the color and movement. I can sit and zone out looking at it waiting for inspiration to strike. I took an old ugly bulletin board and painted the frame matallic black and thumb tacked some sale fabric I got on over the cork. I wound some ribbon on the wire hanger. I am filling it with pics of things that inspire me including work from some blogs.
Here is another view that sort of shows the branch I have hanging from my ceiling. It has fairies and witches and things friends have given me and fairy lights hanging from it. It is VERY cool at night when it's lit.

So now for the winner! DH picked number 9. That is Mar from Working Projects blog. Congratulations Mar. If you E me your street addy, I will mail your prize on thursday when I go into town.
Thank you to all who entered. I am thrilled that so many of you wanted to own a piece of my work. Please check back from time to time, I will be having more give-aways.


Cynthia (Cindy) Powell said...

What a terrific idea Mary! I have a bulletin board, all boring and bare. I would love to have an inspiration wall in my studio too! Thanks for sharing your incredible wall!

Dawn said...

Love what you have done to that bulletin board Mary - and your branch with the fairy light is fabulous.... beautiful eye candy, Thanks for sharing xxx

Kim said...

What a great piece the headcave is! Your imagination and creativity always gets me excited about something! Now the bulletin board... where is that corkboard I have?!

Chaska said...

How fabulous! I love all of your art, and your blog is so inspiring.

Susan Burgess said...

Oh Mary I love your wall too, very etherial! I can't spell so that's my best effort! LOL! I always enjoy looking through your blogger, Sanna