Monday, May 19, 2008

The Jawbone Of A ???

Boy it seems like forever since I posted here. We finally got some good sunny days and I've been working outside. With all the rain we've had the weeds are crazy. I have quite the crop of Dandelions this year.

The poor farmers around here still have water laying in their fields. I'll bet they are checking the want ads for summer work, 'cause it doesn't look good for planting.

But I have been working in my studio too. I have a couple of pieces in the works, and I finished this. I don't know what kind of jaw this is for sure. I think it's a Deer. I'm almost positive it is.

Anyway, I drilled a hole(very carefully) in it for the hangar. And then just started painting.

I gave it a light base and used the metallic craft paints again. They seem to work best on skulls and bones.
I did the black parts because the bone was so rough it wouldn't take dot painting.

I gave it a sinew hanger and a turquoisebead, shell slice and Duck feather embellishment.
I'm liking the black parts and may have to play around with them some more.

I am working on another heavily backgrounded piece like 'Life Outside The Window'. And another shrine.

Oh and I am doing a little surprise for my online buddy Dawn (Gold Betty Boop). I saw an image that made me think of her and I had to do something with it.



Maija said...

Very creepy cool!!!

Altered Route said...

A girl after my own heart!! Love that you aren't icked out. I did shoulder bones with witch signs last fall...I think bones make wonderful surfaces for art!

Dawn said...

Mary another fab piece, and you are so naughty making something for me - but I am delighted of course, can't wait to see, it's like knowing birthdays or christmases are coming lol
take care and thanks for dropping by to read about hoops and yoyo xxx

Kim said...

Yes indeed, it is a deer jaw. And a beauty now, too. I love the dots and yes, the black area too.

Jillian said...

Beautiful work, Mary! I love how you create such gorgeous work from these raw/natural materials.

Jillian said...

ps...I was honored with a blog award and I had to choose 5 other art bloggers who inspired me w/their creativity and I named you! :)

Carol said...

Mary, love your blog and your art!! Thanks for visiting my Lady of Distinction!! I also will be visiting you too!!


kecia said...

wow, that's quite cool - nicej job! guess what? when i stopped looking for those charms last night i found them!

Sherry Goodloe said...

I was looking at this and turning my head sideways to try to figure out what exactly this was when I first saw it. He/She had a good set of teeth!

Love the black and white dotted contrast. I love your creative eye!

Zeborah Loray said...

Great piece.
I have a friend with a similar jawbone. Sent her a link to see this. :)

Hope I can acquire more bones at some point. I like working with them too.

akatrix said...

Mary, you're scary! When you start arting up a human skeleton, I won't even be surprised! What a wonderful imagination you have. Bet as a kid you didn't sit around twiddling your thumbs saying "I'm bored".....