Saturday, May 3, 2008

I'm so flattered

My buddy Inka (visit her in my links) nominated me for this award. This is the second for me and I am flattered that 2 wonderful artists thought enough of me to do this.
So here are my nominated friends for this round:
Linda -

So the way this goes is these are people who I feel contribute to the online community with their wit and art and generosity of spirit etc. So I E them and let them know they have been tagged and they do 5 of their friends and so on and so on.
I do hope you visit their blogs, they really are wonderful.


kecia said...

well, oh my gosh, thank you! i was actually thinking of you earlier as i am taking a Michael DeMeng class today and we are doing assemblage. it's fun. i'll post pics later.

thanks for the beautiful award!

Alphaneenee said...

Mary, thank you so much! I am touched that you thought of me & included me with these other talented artists. You made my day!

Kim said...

Mary thank you! I will do my tagging tomorrow, i am a bit under the weather tonight! I am honored! Kim