Thursday, April 17, 2008

Playing Tag In Bloglandia

I got tagged by Moonwillow .Yay, what fun! Here's how it works, you get tagged and you list 6 things about yourself, unimportant, random,habits and quirks. Then you tag 6 people and link them at the end of your post. Then you inform them they've been tagged and on it goes.
So here's my 6:
1. If my husband didn't object so strongly I would cut my hair in a shaggy spike and put purple streaks in it.
2.I used to teach Disco.
3.If I had to choose between art supplies and books to be on a deserted island with me I would pick books.
I haven't had any artistic training or ever attended a workshop.
4.I was in the Our Lady Of Angels fire in Chicago.
5.I watch a lot of reality TV.
6.I wish I could draw and paint.
So now I am tagging:
Tag Girls, you're it!!


akatrix said...

This really is a compliment and requires a thank you!!! I really do appreciate your tagging me so I can get busy and tag some others! What fun....aren't we just a bunch of kids being silly and loving it?

Christie said...

What fun, the award and tag, thanks!

Frivolitea said...

Hi. Just discovered your blog through a link on Michael deMeng's blog. Love it that you describe yourself as a work in progress. Me too. Also love your name, "green woman." I guess you know all about the Green Man of legend. Anyway, Happy Spring, Green Woman Creating.

Ms Dragonfly said...

wow, you have an interesting life!