Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Making a Mermaid

Yay I can put up pics today! So here's how this piece came to be born. I garage saled the round piece of wood about 10 years ago. Just one of those weird things that you see and think 'I need to have that'. It was from something someone cut a whole in and my husband couldn't believe I paid a dollar for it. Then last year I was looking thru a mag and I saw an ad with this woman in it. It stretched across 2 pages, she was sitting in a desert. I really liked her hair so I cut it out and put it in one of my many files. Then a couple of months ago I was poking around looking for inspiration and I saw her again. And I thought 'Mermaid' which made me thing air bubble which made me think round which made me think piece of wood and there ya go.
So I painted the background and used sand and modeling paste for the seabed. Then i glued on the shells and coral.I put pearls in her hair because I thought she needed them and gave her a seed bead neckpiece to sort of hide her boobs. Then I gave her a wand because who wouldn't want a wand!

Her tail is made from large sequins cut into quarters and placed one at a time to overlap like fishscales. Her fins are fabric and netting.

I wanted to have some kind of seaweed or something, but I wanted it to be light and sort of 3-d. So I took floral wire and wound it up and covered some of it with ribbon and there she is!
So that's how a Mermaid was born!



Erzsabet said...

Hi Mary
Love your mermaid! I had a look at your etsy shop too. I like your goddesses and the fact that they have a stand to hang them on. Thanks for your comments on J the R canvas. If you lived close by, you could have it! It would cost a fortune to send it to you, and I'm poor, or I would do it!!

morningDove said...

I too love your mermaid, such detail. She is lovely and it does pay to keep those things we feel we are going to need like the round piece of wood. thank you for sharing all your work.

Ms Dragonfly said...

great fun and motion!

kecia said...

love the mermaid piece! that's great that you finally got to use the wood circle that you purchased so long ago. congrats on opening up your etsy store - good for you (and way to use your down time)