Saturday, March 13, 2010

Stuffed Bubbies

I don't sew much. I have a sewing machine. It has it's own table in my studio where it spends most of it's time just sitting around and mocking me. It knows it intimidates the heck out of me.

But in the latest issue of Cloth Paper Scissors, there is an artist who does the coolest little odd shaped dolls. So I figured this looks like fun. And it certainly is a new area of creating for me. So I am making a 'Basket Of Bubbies'.

They will all be dressed in different aprons or shawls or babushkas or other Bubbie like wear.
Excuse their nakedness, next time you see them they will be clothed!!


Ann said...

I absolutely LOVE,LOVE,LOVE these! I make cloth dolls also...I'm going to go to the bookstore to look at that issue..I need some Bubbies in my house!! The eyes are just wonderful!

Kim said...

These are so cool! I think I have that issue of Cloth,Paper Scissors...I'll have to check, those would be so fun to make!

Pat said...

Mary, I've been under the weather for several months and now I see how much I've missed on your site! Love the babies...even naked! Nice to connect with you again!

Jay said...

They look fabulous. Your creative ideas are brilliant. Sweet greeting to your bubbies.
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