Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hello Bloglandia

My goodness I've been gone for a long time! Not because I wanted to be tho. It was just a very long hard winter and holiday season followed by family obligations that prevented me from going up tp my studio to work let alone spending time on the computer. But hopefully that is all behind me now.

My apologies to my online friends whom I have neglected woefully and to my Yahoo groups that haven't seen or heard from me in forever.

But sometimes you just have to take care of business first.

So here are a couple of wall placques I did from a design I saw in Cloth Paper scissors. I actually made 10 of them and when I get them hung on my wall I will post a pic.
This is a stuffie monster I made my daughter for Xmas from a sweater i shrunk by mistake.
I have never made a stuffie before and am pretty pleased with how it came out. His name is Rufus.

I am working on a bunch of stuff, making up for lost time. Going in whole new directions too. So please come back and see what I've done. I promise to better about posting.


Mar said...

yay back on line!

Val Foster said...

Hi Mary. So glad to see you posting art again. But taking care of business is fine too, it happens to all of us. I'm in that mode right now. Your hearts are cool, love the lace. I don't remember seeing those in CPS. I'll have to look through my old mags. Rufus is very cute. So glad you're back dear.