Saturday, May 16, 2009

Dancing Goddess And A New Mask

This is a new Goddess I just finished. Her word is Dance. I wanted to play with trying to make her look like she is moving. She is a little misshapen and her boob is where her waist should be, but all in all I am pleased with her. This is 'Warrior' a new mask I did for a show. I have to say I like her best of all the faces I have done. Her background color is copper, it just doesn't show up so well in these pics.
There is an art show at the Center where I had my gallery show last Dec. You can enter 3 pieces. They have to be made within the last 6 months and never shown at the Center before. I entered 'Imaginary Friends', 'A Good Hair Day aka Hannah' and this piece. There is judging and awards so fingers crossed.

This is a closeup of the top of her head. She is wearing a Fox head headress embellished with Wild Turkey feathers and Pheasant feathers and with curly dried vines.

This is a scrap of leather I had, I scraped the back of it with a knife and cut into the edges and then slightly burned them with a wood burner. More feathers and some bones finish her outfit.
Like always her eyes are doll/teddy bear eyes mounted in paper clay and glued into the back of the mask.


Mar said...

awesome mask!!!!
the goddess is i think you achieved your goal in her creation
is the goddess your third piece???
or have I missed a pieces somewhere?
the rooster maybe?

take some pictures of the show too!


i want to go...

Val Foster said...

Wow. This mask is great. I love it. So glad to see you creating and posting. And as always, you're so innovative and forward in your art.

I'm also thrilled that we're involved in another collab effort, with four people this time. Who knows how that will turn out? I'm excited about it.

kelsey said...

Love the mask Mary!!! I collect masks and have an awesome one I got in Alaska last year...sort of looks a bit like yours but a bit more scarey.

Yep, I'm definitely an Adam whore and I WON'T watch Idol ever, ever again if he doesn't win! lol

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Oh such lovely work Mary! I had to pop in after your sweet comment you left me. I am so behind in my blog visiting!

Congratulations on your upcoming shows! How exciting! I love your Goddess especially and I love that you wrote that about her boob at her waist! You made me laugh. If I had any boobs left that's probably where they'd be since I'm in such bad shape as of late!

Thanks again for the visit! It's always a delight to visit you too!

Veronica said...

Hey Mary, my boob is where my waist should be too!! She's just a crone, is all : )
Come see my newest pendant!

Linda East said...

Hey Mary, I love the "dancing queen"
she does have movement and I think her boobs are right where they should
be if she was spinning around in her dance...

You new mask is fantastic...I really like the copper..I use turkey and phesant feathers and they have copper colors in them, so I know the feathers look great..the fox and the leather embellish the whole mask great.
I might have to disagree with you
about the favorite favorite mask is the white one...
I am positive that you pieces will get in the show and win some acclaim.

Like Val I am excited about our Collab project. I have posted my 1st effort in this new media on my blog..hope you have a chance to check it out and let me know what you think.
Create & Share
Linda (Okla)

Chaska said...

Your dancing goddess is fantastic!You are so creative!!!

Chaska said...

Oh, yeah...about the boob being at her waist...well, I can relate!!!

akatrix said...

Mary, I wish I had more hours in the day...I never get to as many blogs as I want but when I finally do get to yours, I'm all inspired to get busy! I read an interview recently (forgot where?) about you and was fascinated. To make such fabulous original art with such limited materials never ceases to amaze me!

Kathy said...

Hi Mary!! I kind of dropped off the blog grid for a bit..but I'm back! I updated my blog and now I'm having fun catching up with all the terrific blogs I follow! I LOVE your dancing goddess! I think she's perfect! Very Picasso!! :-) Hope you are well! Keep on creating!

Ro Bruhn said...

Great work, the mask is fabulous, love the feathers.

Kim said...

Hi Mary, check out my blog when you get the've been tagged!

Goddess Bless!

Gaby Bee said...

Really fabulous creations! Love your dancing goddess and your mask is gorgeous.
Have a wondrous and magical day!
Gaby xo

Mar said...

hop over to my blog
and pick up your award!!
I am honored to have met and gotten to know you
and i sure hope you are feeling better!!!

Max said...

I love your Goddess Dance. Is she a separate piece or is it permanent on the background you show it on. If you can pick it up and put it on a background that is maybe aluminum and have waves or ripples where you want to show movement. I'd also put a slight piece of wrapped wire on her other boob. Or, just leave her as is she is perfect. That mask is a marvel. Great work.

Dezinaworld said...

Great mask and i do love your blog. I shall be back
hugs June

Mark Coonan said...

I am 999 years old and have known many goddesses, any of whose right to be misshapen or have a sagging boob I would defend unto death. Well, most of them anyway . . . .

Your mask reminds me of the softback cover art for a book I read about 30 years ago, Myths of the Greeks and Romans, by the late Michael Grant. Everything in that picture dripped transmutation between animal, human and deity such that the viewer is caught in a web of ambivalence about the distinctions, and you achieve the same effect here.

Chaska said...

Mary, I think your photography is as impressive as your art!

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