Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Winner Is...

First my apologies for posting the winner so late. We have been in the middle of a family drama/trauma and it is causing all kinds of headaches including a migraine for me.

But the winner is Kathy from Pieces Of Me in my links list. Please E me your addy Kathy and I will send your Goddess to you.

I did my first cut and paste collage. I love collage and am a huge fan of Kathy from Pieces of Me and Peggy from Peggy's Mixed Up Art. They are both in my links list. I am lucky to own a piece from Peggy and it is beautiful.

So I wanted to try my hand at cut and paste. The idea is that the little girl is holding back a sunflower that has gotten too much Miracle Gro.
What was most fun to do, was the piecing together of 5 different garden pics to make one.
And I finished my rooster. I am happy it looks like a rooster. Since this is the first picture I have ever painted, and I didn't sketch it out first, I wasn't sure what it would turn out to be. I just did a rough pencil shape and started painting. The feet are kind of wonky, but feet usually are LOL!!


1 comment:

Mar said...

the rooster turned out stunning!!!
the collage is awesome too!!
i like the effect the sunflower has with the girl
gorgeous work!!!!

and congratulations to the winner!!!
(sorry i forgot the name already and if i go back i loose the comment..)as if starting a new one is such a hardship
but i am lazy what can i say