Sunday, April 12, 2009

Starting A Journal

I started an art journal today. This is a big deal for me. I love journals. I am fascinated by other peoples journals. But I never did one because I was always afraid I would sound dorky. Seems like people write such beautiful, insightful and inspiring things. How do they do it?

A friend of mine pointed out that it doesn't matter if you're dorky or not, no one will see it if you don't want them to. She also told me to go to Suzi Blu on U Tube. Which I did and I loved. So I took the plunge and started.

I am NOT going to worry about sounding dorky, or what my handwriting looks like, or if I have anything important to say.

I am just going to play.



House of Hullabaloo said...

Hi, I found your blog through Tumble fish. I loved your comment re cretin Pez. Your art is amazing. You are clever with several mediums. I too want to start a journal but haven't gotten to it yet. The John Lennon piece is fabulous and so is the angel piece!

Val Foster said...

Well friend -- great job in climbing out of your box. But I never thought you had a box, and that you've always worked "out of the box". Much more so than most artists I know, for sure.

I do love your journal page here, it's very much YOU. Which is totally original and innovative and avant garde, which you always are.

Kudos to you for starting a joural and overcoming any fears! Your first page is a great start. I haven't done that yet, and am not sure if or when I will. Perhaps at some point, but I don't feel compelled to now. But that could change, who knows?

Mar said...

that is the right attitude and you will love this once you get going..
be however you feel!

Kathy said...

Well..this is just lovely!! Good for you for overcoming the fear and taking the risk! I think you will get more and more comfortable and more and more pleased with what you create as you go along! You should see the first pages of my first art journal!! LOL!!!


Jennie said...

Great that you've started a journal! Your page looks so beautiful.I started mine also yesterday and had to overcome the same 'fears':-) Will put it on my blog today. Have a great journey with your journal.