Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Goddess Give Away

This is to celebrate my 100th post! I can't believe I've posted so much. And it amazes me that people like what I do enough to follow my blog. So as a thank you I am giving away this Goddess.

She is about 6 1/2 inches hi. Her word is Peace. I chose her because my son will be going back to Iraq for his second tour in May, and peace is what I wish for us all.

She is made from copper wire and glass beads.
So leave me a comment and on May 1st I will pick a winner by having DH randomly pick a number.
Please make sure I have your E addy so I can let you know if you win.

I have been playing a lot with journal pages this week. Experimenting with paints which his something I never do much.

This came out looking like the view from my kitchen window, so I detailes the trees with a gel pen. You can't see it from the pic tho.
I am surprised by how this turned out, I just smudged paint around without a plan. I used these colors because they were the only tubes of water colors I had that hadn't dried out!


Genie said...

Happy Blog Anniversary,
love the Goddess she is beautiful

Mar said...

Your goddess is gorgeous and so is the senitment for which I will send mentally to irac with your son.

The best paintings are accidents!

Ann said...

Cogratulations!! I came here from Tabby's Place...so glad I did..your art is amazing. I love your shrines and everything else. You are so creative and artistic...your blog is a visual joy to visit.
The wirework and beading on the Goddess is fabulous..surely something this beautiful will bring some good Karma!
Many blessings to your son,you and your family! Thank you.

Judy Streger said...

Your goddess is stunning. I've been enjoying your blog for the last few weeks since I discovered it while surfing.

Deana said...

Happy 100th post!! Mine seemed just yesterday though it was almost 400 ago!
p.s. I'll be sending you the charms for the swap by Friday!!
Hugs, Deana

Altered Route said...

Congrats on your 100th! The goddess for peace is wonderful!

Max said...

Peace is such a perfect name for this little lady especially with your son going off to fight. You did a great job on her. Your watercolour is pretty good too. Keep at it you never know where your brush is going to take you. Those dried up watercolours can be used. All you have to do is cut the tubes open and set them each in a tiny container with water and keep mixing until all the colour has come off the tubes. Throw away the tubes and you have watercolour to use. If it dries up just add some more water. I think you can get itsy bitsy plastic jars at the dollar store or walmart.


Hi, I'm Evy and this is my Grandson Caleb. said...

I love your Goddess. Blue was a wonderful choice for Peace. I can't wait to see the charms...:-)

Jacky said...

I just popped over from Kelsey's blog. Lovely post and I would love to take part in your giveaway. I especially love that this piece has the word PEACE in reference to your son and his Iraq mission.
Congratulations of your blog anniversary.

Kathy said...

CONGRATULATIONS on your 100th post!! Truly a feat to celebrate! Your Goddess is beautiful! And boy...peace is something so many of us need these days! May your son be safe and protected while serving in Iraq!! Congrats again and thank you for giving such a meaningful and beautiful piece of artwork away to celebrate!

Ina Ftacek said...

Happy 100th post and blog anniversary!!! I love your artwork and love this Goddess!!! Tell Hubby I hope I am the random number!!!Hugs,Ina

Connie said...

I will keep your son and your family in my prayers. Both of my sons were US marines and served in Iraq.
Your blog is lovely!

Holly said...

She's lovely, Mary ~ just perfect!

Sue Farace said...

would love to have peace in my home!


Sandy said...

Congrats on your 100th post. I enjoyed looking around your blog and really liked the pics of your artwork on the sides. The peace goddess is wonderful and perfect for remembering your son's commitment.

CindyB said...

Happy Blogiversary. I love your Goddess. My best to your son.

Anonymous said...

Happy 100th post!! Love your Peace Goddess, she is very serene and beautiful.


Carolyn Miller said...

Beautiful! Would love to win this!

Carolyn Miller

Kerry said...

hoppin on over from Altered_Start. Love your art, so inspiring.

Anonymous said...

im mark coonans daughter.&i gotta say THIS IS SOOOO BEAUTIFUL lol.especially the little detailing of the trees..