Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Really Good Hair Day

Yay, she's finished! I couldn't be happier with her. I have renamed 'Hannah' after my friend Marys, from Working Projects in my link list, granddaughter. I have seen her pic and she has hair just like this. Hers is all one color tho. And it doesn't have beads and stuff on the ends. I went round and round about jewelry for her. I toyed with the idea for a jewel in her navel. But in the end, I think this look suits. She has purple sequins around her arms and a little black pearl necklace.
This is a journal page I did. Not much writing on it, but I was so happy with the way the colors turned out, I didn't want to cover them.

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Mar said...

she is absolutley! stunningly!! gorgeous!!!
hannah (her namesake) might have 1 color of hair today but give her a few years i am sure she will have a riot of color just like this namesake piece.
and she couldn't look more like if you modeled the pair
she will sure turn everyones head at the upcoming art show!!!

it is hard when you get colors going the way you like cover them up the process of journaling...might call is a choice thing though not madatory
and the page did turn out beatutiful lots of symbolism so it didn't reall call for words..

thank you for naming your gorgeous statue after my hannah!

Holly said...

I just love Hannah, Mary! She's wonderful ~

I have several pages in my journal that I've left free of writing. Sometimes the textures and colors do all the talking for us, don't they?

Nabeel said...

Oh boy, that's a very scary looking doll. Whatever happened to pretty looking ones? teal blue for the face color?

Val Foster said...

Wow, I'm really loving this art piece. It blows a gasket in my mind, kind of like the hair exploding out of Hannah's head. Really friend, your innovation always amazes me and inspires me. You're always pushing the envelope, like few artists I know. And it always works so well.

This is an amazing art piece, and I'll warrant nothing else has been done like this. That is very, very special. Kudos to you. I always feel like I'm playing catch-up to your unique, innovative spirit. Well that's fine -- you can lead, and I will follow. You can be my mentor of sorts, and motivate me to push the envelope also.

Val Foster said...

Oh, I forgot to congratulate you on your 100th blog post. And I just had mine, so isn't that quite a coincidence? Or, maybe not, maybe we are "art sisters" and our art lives have a common thread and parallel? Just a thought, but I'd like to think so. Big congrats on your 100th post, friend.