Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Working the Flood

I haven't been very creative lately. Time has been spent working the flood around here. First there were sandbags to be done, and let me tell you, sandbagging is a young persons thing. I have never worked so hard and been so sore and tired in my life.
Now I have been going into the next town over to help feed people who need it.
The town is Keithsburg and they have suffered greatly from this. A tiny place, full of nice people, many older, they really need help.
I have been working with the pastor of their church, and if anyone would like to help here is what you can do...
There are many many months of clean-up ahead of them. Many families lost everything inside their homes. The clean-up after a flood is really nasty. To see everything piled at the curb breaks your heart.
So if anyone is interested, they could use gift cards from Wal-Mart, Lowes and Menards. That way they can get lumber,drywall,bleach,rubber gloves and all the other things they will need to come back from this devistation.
Cards can be sent to:
Pastor Chuck Reynolds
Keithsburg Christian Church
2005 Main St.
Keithsburg, Il
He will see that they are used correctly.
Thank you


akatrix said...

Oh, IS heartbreaking to think of. I can't even imagine. I hope people do help out...thanks for posting this. We need to get out of our comfort zones.

Mary S Hunt said...

The weather is certainly being disaterous....we are cleaning up from a tornado...the hail was so large that it ripped roofs to sreds..(ours)
the wind twisted homes and of course took the rest away...this is in Texas..either end of the spectrum is a mess to clean up
but I have to say...fires are THE worst nothing left to clean up...and they are occuring in the Carolinas...I don't know about this comfort zone place anymore

Anonymous said...

Mary..cannot begin to imagine the devastation. Over here one year ago Yorkshire towns and villages were flooded and some are still not back in their homes. I cannot buy the gift tokens as I live in the UK...unless there is a way I do not knowabout I will pray and if there is a way to do anything I would like to help. Carol

Carol Phelps said...

PS I am not anonymous...I am Carol Phelps. Sorry!

Inka said...

Oh my what an awful devastation for your community to face. It is people like you that help them to go on. I want to do what I can for everyone there. I did give to the Red Cross but it seems so impersonal. I wish I would have know about the gift cards to the pastor sooner.

Kim said...

I will send a gc - and it's wonderful to me that there are people like you in the world , who do so much more.

Sweet Repose said...

I'm across the river from you in Muscatine, Iowa...this has just been the worst year for all of us in the Midwest, first the long hard winter, then two floods...what next, a plague of locusts..

I finally closed my biz because of the flooding, never anywhere for my customers to park, riverfront parking is flooded. All of the downtown employees and apartment dwellers have nowhere to park but in front of our shops...heaven forbid they walk a few blocks like we do.

We weren't flooded, but the biz behind me is alot of work sandbagging, but desperation makes you strong, I was flooded in '93.

Be well,

wahm922 said...

Blessing to you Mary for giving yourself to others. People like you make this world a better place. My heart breaks for those who have lost.

Maija said...

I am so sorry for all the suffering and devastation in your part of the country! My prayers are with you and everyone affected!