Friday, June 6, 2008

I Got Tagged

I got tagged by my buddy Christie @
So the way this works is I post 6 things about me that people don't know. Then I tag 6 people and they post and so on and so on. Also I let them know they have been tagged by E-mail.
So, let's see, I did this once before so it's a little harder to come up with something interesting or weird.
1- Clowns weird me out! I don't think they're funny, I think they're scary. I won't even do an ATC exchange that is clowns!
2-I am painfully shy. I am uncomfortable meeting new people. And I would rather be in the background then ever have attention on me.
3-The only sporting event I will willingly watch from beginning to end is Heavyweight Boxing.Of course it was different when Michael Jordan played for the Bulls and when Ditka coached the Bears.
4-I cannot stand to have anyone use my pillow. Doesn't matter who it is, don't touch my pillow.
5-I get really freaked out by the wind in the pines. I am always afraid a tree will blow over onto the house.
6-I'm a good shot.

Whew, that was hard.
So now I am tagging:
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