Thursday, June 12, 2008

An Inka original and a Skull

My friend Inka and I did a one on one swap and this beauty is what she sent me. I love it and am thrilled to have an Inka original. I am hanging it in my bedroom.
This is the skull I got from my friend Rose. I started doing the regular dot painting that I have done before and ended up painting it out twice! The base color makes it almost look like suede. But I couldn't decide what the design needed to be.
So after looking at it for days, it turned into this Tribal Skull.
Kind of simple and primitive feeling.


Altered Route said...

The Skull is pretty know how I like bones!

david santos said...

Really beautiful!

Christie said...

You know I love your skulls!

kecia said...

diggin the skull. you are right, it does look a lot like suede; very cool and the whole tribal painting looks great on it. nice job,

Val Foster said...

Hi Mary. I love all of these. The skull is oh so cool! You're the only artist I know who paints and alters animal skulls. Way to go!

Also I love the piece Inka did. And of course, am wondering what she used for the great texture. Did she us caulk, or modeling paste, or something else? Curious people need to know.

Kim said...

Is this one of the little ones? How cool!