Wednesday, March 25, 2009

This That and the Other

I've got a lot of things going at the same time, so here are some pics of these works in progress.
But first this is one of the many deer who live on our property. This little girl and 3 others were in the backyard eating birdseed off the ground. I shot this thru the screen so it's fuzzy. But still cute! This is a collage homage to John Lennon. The idea is to represent what was in his mind. So I cut the top of his head off and filled it with pics of things I think he always thought about. I'm not sure how the background will be yet.
This is my first attempt at Zetti. I am trying to work more in color this year. So I wanted to give Zetti a try. I didn't have any journal pages to do or other good paper to work on. So this is an artists board. And I found out that markers don't work too well on it. Neither do colored pencils. So I am doing it with craft paints. This is just the beginning. But the idea is a Prom Queen. You know, one of thoooose girls. The popular ones, the in crowd. I had penciled the whole thing in, but when I started painting , of course the paints covered everything up. So I am starting all over.

This is the body for the wire hair doll assemblage. She has teal colored arms with yellow nail polish to match her eyelashes. They will be mounted on the side of the purple ball. The head will be on top. I am thinking about giving her a jewel in her navel!
The black base and purple body are wooden things from the hardware store. I think they go on the top of staircase end posts.
Tomorrow I go to get the fabric to work on the St. Basils collage.
Things to do everywhere. YIPPEE!!


Kathy said...

Hi Mary!! What fun to have wildlife so close to you! We don't get anything larger than raccoons! Love your John Lennon homage!! I did a self-portrait with stuff coming out of my head! I LOVE that concept! Seeing yours makes me want to do another one sometime soon! Great work!


Val Foster said...

Wow Mary, I can see that you've been busy....a busy art dobee, and not a slacking dontbee. I always say it's much better, and certainy more productive, to be a dobee. Kudos to you for being a dobee! (Whenever I get in a dreaded art slump - a dontbee in other words, I'm miserable.)

How very cool that you have deer on your property. I'm surprised you haven't figured out a way to "alter" them yet.

I totally love your John Lennon idea, of collaging out of his head. What a great idea and way to do it. It's looking great so far and I can't wait to see the finished piece.

Your Zetti piece is looking great too, I love the colors and your excellent theme. (Yes, she's one of THOSE girls!) I've never done any Zetti work, and don't know that much about it, but this piece looks fun. I love that you're using more color in your art and am grateful you inspired me to do the same. Thanks friend.

I also love what you've chosen for the base for your doll assemblage. I think it's perfect. And I'm hanging in suspense here until you get it finished. Hurry, hurry - I want to see it!!! It's such a stellar idea and exciting piece.

Mar said...

well you KNOW i can't wait to shee her finished
the john lennon piece looks awesome!
the deer ...and all the critters are fun to watch!

Ro Bruhn said...

Bambi in your garden, wow. We get wallabies and Skippy (kangaroos). I love your painting, fabulous colours.

Funky Time Art said...

I can't wait to see this assembledge finished. I like the idea of a jewel in her navel too! Keep up the beautiful work.