Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Really Good Hair Day

So this is a new assemblage piece I've been working on. I took a rubber/plastic dolls head and poked holes in it. Then I made hair from 20g colored wire and connected it.

Here you can kind of see that on the ends of her curls are crystals and beads and glass leaves and stuff like that. After I painted her metallic teal, I thought she needed some make-up. Sp I gave her yellow eyelashes and rose lips.
I am rethinking how to assemble her and onto what because I REALLY underestimated how much her head would weigh after she got hair. I used 80 plus yards of wire!!

Here she is balancing on a bottle so I could take her pic to share.
I also took 2 arms and painted them the same teal. I may give them yellow nailpolish. Or not. That's what I've been up to this week.


Mar said...

she is AWESOME!!!!
and looks just like my granddaughter hannah!!!

you may call her "Hannah" if you wish

i can NOT wait for her to be finished!!

i love it love it love it

do you get i really like her

and just guess what the verification word is!

the goddesses are trying to send a message here!

Neen said...

Wow Mary - she is wild! Love that hair!

~Nina in San Diego~

Val Foster said...

Wowza Mary. You've done it again -- completely blasted out of the box. I swear I don't know where your ideas come from, but they are always so amazing. What a fantastic start on this piece. Now I'm in suspense waiting to see how you finish her. Mega-kudos to you. Your are an artist extroadinaire!!!

Genie said...

Such Imagination Mary.
That hair is just amazing!!!

Maija said...

She is totally wild! I can't even imagine hw long it took to get her hair so cool like that!

Chaska said...

This looks like fun! I would so love to play with you in your studio!

Laura Kay said...

She has a sci-fi look to her!! What about as a "body" a bottle you waxed to look like a gown. She is very cool!

Kathy said...

Hi Mary! I've been "off the grid" for a while, but I'm working hard to re-connect! This piece is totally cool. I have to say, that at this moment, the way she looks totally expresses how I feel!! LOL!!! Great job! LOVE the hair!

Ro Bruhn said...

Love this lady, fabulous hair. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

Christie said...

She is great, bet she gets good reception too!

Eastjewels said...

Oh Wow Mary, she is terrific...I am with Mar on this one. Can't wait to see her finished.

Funky Time Art said...

Mary, she is awesome. I can not wait to see her finished. It reminds me a little of "Shiva" the Indian god, with that face color. Maybe you could give her a couple more arms. Enjoy!

Gaby Bee said...

What a fun! She is fabulous! Love that hair.

Inka said...

OMGosh … she is wonderful! You are such an artistic talent! I too can’t wait to see her finished!