Friday, July 18, 2008

Sunken Tin Tutorial

First I want to thank all of you who posted such kind words while I was in my funk. I'm better now. I think it was a combo of isolation, flooding work, and being cut off from Hobby Lobby and a good grocery store because of the water. Hopefully they will open the road again one of these days.

So anyway, here is how I did the piece retitled 'She Waits'.
I took an Altoid tin apart. Then I traced around the bottom of the tin on the front of the canvas. Then I cut into it in an X shape, making sure not to go all the way to the edges. I wanted to have a snug fit.
Then I put the tin in from the front. I masking taped it in front to hold it in place. Then I folded the pieces from the X over the tin and glued them in place. I glopped Wood Filler around the tin and pushed it around till I got close to these shapes. Then using clay tools I scraped off the excess and refined the shapes. Sinci I don't have any big stamps, I drew in the filler after it had dried a little, maybe 5 mins., using a toothpick.

I cut a piece of paper and glued it into the tin. Then I found an image I liked and a flower, and took the middle out of the flower. I glued a watch face to the flower and glued it into the tin. Then I gel mediumed the image so it looks like she is holding the flower.
Oh, before I filled the tin I painted the background. Then I thought it needed something, so I got out my Rub n Buff and applied it to the swirls. I used copper. I love this stuff. A little goes a loooong way and you can buff it to a shine.

Then I painted some lace trim black and glued it in place and glued on the letters. I may knock down the background color a bit, but other than that I think it's done.
Oh, I did put some filler on the inside edges of the tin too.

I listed some more magazines and supplies in my Etsy store. One set of mags is Arts and Activities. It used to be put out by the Expressions folk. A great mag for working artistically with kids.



Dawn said...

Mary lovely to see you back!!! I love this and hope you dont mind if i use it soon to create a piece for China's 16th it is way cool....
YOu are so talented - love ya
Dawn xxx

akatrix said...

Mary, your muse is back in full swing! That is a wonderful piece with the tin imbedded in the canvas! You think of such delightfully different things. Nice work as always.
Thanks for featuring the chipboard pin. I love how you keep calling it grungeboard....Tim Holtz would probably set you straight!Tee hee! But it is sort of grungy, isn't it? I'd sure like to see you incorporate it into one of your amazing works.

Sarah aka Flo said...

what a brillint idea!

would love to see a shot of the full canvas

Altered Route said...

Super texture and clever way to add that tin! Nice of you to TUT us on how you did that. I'm with you on the RubnBuff's been around forever and still a product that can't be matched.

wahm922 said...

Amazing, another wonderful piece. I'm such a big fan of your work Mary, you truly are an inspiration.

Hopefully I'll find my muse(sometimes I wonder if I even had one)soon and get back to being creative.

Thanks for sharing your art and the process!

Moonwillow said...

Welcome back Mary! we all have missed you tremendously. Love your sunken tin, I did that one time in a book but didn't think to use wood filler or canvas! great work as usual and I just love the title and texture the filler gives.

Christy said...

I thought I commented about this amazing piece but maybe I messed it up somehow. This piece is incredible and out of the box so to speak and just wow.