Friday, October 31, 2008

Yay I'm back online!!!

Hi everybody! I feel like I've been gone for ages. Our computer died and we had to wait awhile to get it fixed. And living where I do, and not knowing anyone in the area really, I didn't have access to one to use. I did go to the library a couple of times and used theirs, but all I managed to do was ask a friend to let you all know where I was.
I have some big news. I am going to be having a gallery show in Dec. It is my first and I will be showing with another mixed media artist. This is my first show and I am very excited.
So this is one of the peices I made for it. The face is painted and covered with pics of silver screen sirens. The film reels are mounted with liquid nails. The curly stuff is film strips. I call her 'Goddess' Of The Silver Screen. Then I wanted to try my hand at mosiacs for awhile, but couldn't get inspired by anything. Then I was given a broken mirror and thought 'ooh this could be cool'. So I tried to break it, but it is a really old mirror and wouldn't shatter like I wanted. So I got some mirror tiles and had a lot of fun smashing them.
Then I placed them around and glued them in place. Then since I mounted them on canvas I used modeling paste instead of grout. I thought the grout might be too heavy. Then I painted using metallic craft paint. And there you go. It is called 'Reflections'.

Finally, to celebrate being back among the artful, I am doing my first give-away. This is a really fun 2009 calendar. I will pick a name from the first 20 people who leave comments here. I hope you win it, it is a pretty calendar.

Thanks to my friends who E'd asking if I was ok. I am sorry I couldn't respond. But I was very touched that you missed me.